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What Does Your Membership Pay For?

This is a fair question.


There are no paid positions in YBAC, everything is done by club members who volunteer their time and skills. Your $20 membership fee is used to raise trout for stocking the Yellow Breeches creek. This fluctuates with food cost, but we spend about $30,000 on fish food alone. This is our major cost and would take about 1500 memberships just to buy the food. Maintenance also cost money.  Equipment needs to be maintained and broken equipment needs replaced from time to time. Unexpected expenses pop up from time to time like the damage from the 2018 year's flood. In a nutshell, your membership will pay for the cost to raise about 20 trout, and they are nice trout, too!  ...larger and more colorful than what the PA Fish commission can raise.

For any membership issues or questions, e-mail Doug Alichwer at

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