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YBAC Store


  1. The website is broken down into to basic sections:  1) Memberships, and, 2) Donations, Buttons, and Patches.

  2. You can use either section or both sections, depending on what you want to purchase and/or donate.

  3. Memberships

    1. If a membership is bought on or after September 1, the membership will be for the rest of that year and for the following year, and, the member will receive a newsletter for that last quarter.

    2. You can purchase up to three memberships on this website.

    3. You choose the quantity of memberships by activating/selecting that quantity from the dropdown button.

    4. If you are buying multiple memberships and any of the individuals do not have an email address,  please use your email address.

    5. Only those tabs based on the number of memberships desired are filled with the membership form. The other tabs will be blank.

    6. When you purchase your membership(s), you will receive an email with the membership card(s) attached to the email. There is no shipping charge for this option.

    7. If you choose to include a membership button with your membership(s), you will receive both the button  and the membership card in the postal mail. There is a shipping charge of $3.50 total for any number of memberships/buttons purchased.

    8. If you order both pins/patches and a member button,  you will  only be charged one shipping fee of $3.50 to cover both.

  4. Donations, Patches, & Pins

    1. Donations can be either Sustaining Member, or General, or both.​

    2. Please only enter dollar amounts, no change, in the donations boxes.

    3. The donation will be in the name of the person that pays at checkout time.

    4. The pins under this section are not the membership pins. They are the YBAC pins.

    5. There is a shipping charge for any pins or patches ordered ($3.50).

    6. If you order both pins/patches and a member button,  you will  only be charged one shipping fee of $3.50 to cover both.

  5. You will see the summation of donations, purchases, and fees in the "Total" section near the bottom of the form.

  6. Purchases other than donations will be charged an "Internet Fee" of 4%.  This is being levied due to the fact that we get charged a percentage because of credit card use.​

  7. Once you double check all of your entries, please click on the "Checkout" button. Only click this button once. You then be taken to the pay section of the store to complete your purchase.

  8. You will receive an email confirming your transactions. This email will include your membership card if you did not choose a button.

  9. If you made a donation, you will also receive an attachment that can be used for tax purposes.

  10. If you would rather download and fill in the paper form for donations, pins,  patches, and membership, you can click on THIS link which will take you to the membership section of this website.

Membership Section

Membership #1

( items with * are required fields )

Membership Action
Membership Type

                               Membership forms will display once you select the number

                                you wish to purchase.

If not purchasing any memberships, please scroll down to the "Donations, Pins & Patches" section.

Donations, Lapel Pins, & Patches

----   Item   -----------------------------

-- Cost --

Sustaining Member Donation

(Rainbow:  $25 - $49, Brook: $50 - $99, Brown: $100+)

General Donation

(anonymous, feed the fish, etc.)

Lapel Pin


Shipping Fee

(Only on Pins and Patches)

Internet Service Fee

(4% of total for pins and patches)

Total Cost for Donations, Pins, & Patches

Payment Section

Totals from all forms above

Name & Address for shipping and donation receipts

Only click this button once.
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