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New Zealand Mudsnail

The New Zealand Mudsnail (NZM) is in Cumberland County!

The Letort, Big Spring and Trout Run all have this invasive species along with other trout streams in the commonwealth. Avoid bringing this problem to the Yellow Breeches. The NZM is tiny, about an 1⁄8” long. They can reproduce asexually so it only takes one to start a population and can multiply to where there are several hundred to  thousands PER SQUARE FOOT. While trout can eat the NZM, they do not digest them and they simply pass through with little nutritional value. Do not bring other aquatic life from a stream infected with NZM and dump them in the Yellow Breeches. There are several things you can do to help us avoid this problem:


  • Inspect and clean/spray/pressure wash your waders or watercraft after being in an infected stream. Remember the NZM is tiny so it is easily hidden.

  • The PFBC recommends freezing your waders for a MINIMUM of 6 hours.

  • Soaking gear in hot (>120 Fahrenheit) for at least five minutes.

  • Soaking gear in a 1:1 solution of Formula 409 Degreaser Disinfectant and water (Other typical aquatic invasive species disinfection methods and other 409 brand products are not effective in killing NZM).

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