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Fly Tying Classes for 2024

The Yellow Breeches Anglers and Conservationists Association is pleased to announce our fly tying classes for 2024. The classes will be held at our nursery clubhouse located at 395 Martin Rd., Boiling Springs, Pa. 17015.


There will be two classes each Wednesday starting on January 3rd and will continue for ten weeks.

Contact Information:

Craig Sunday 717-713-1161    Craig Hull 717-686-5137    Paul Dunne 760-522-7034


Beginning Fly Tying Classes

The classes will start at 7:00 PM on Jan 3, 2024 and continue for 10 weeks.

Classes for the beginning fly tiers will be two hours. Two flies will demonstrated and taught per session. The sessions will
start with the very beginning of fly tying techniques and progress gradually to more complex techniques and patterns.
All patterns will be tied on a big screen closed circuit TV. There will be hands-on individuals helping in the classroom as well as
the tying instructor on the TV. 

For beginning tiers the association will provide the necessary fly tying tools. THESE TOOLS ARE ASSOCIATION’s PROPERTY
AND MUST NOT LEAVE THE SITE!!! The association will also provide the necessary tying materials for the first two weeks of
classes. The students will be responsible for securing the materials necessary for the following weeks. There will be a
complete list of materials for each following week included in the detailed tying instructions each student receives the first


Intermediate and Advance Fly Tying Classes

The classes will start at 6:00 PM on January 3, 2024 and will continue for 10 weeks.

Classes for intermediate and advance tiers will be one hour long. One fly will be tied per session. Most pattens will demonstrate unusual and/or difficult techniques for the average tier. Some patterns will demonstrate new techniques or materials for established patterns.

Participants can tie along with the presenter or just watch and ask questions. Thoughtful discussion of the material being presented is greatly encourage. It can be individual and/or in group content. Advanced tier wishing to tie along with the presenter are required to bring their own tying equipment and materials. The first fly to be tied for the initial class on January 3rd will be a B/H Copper John. This fly is a western fly tied on a Mustad 3906B (2X long nymph) hook. It will be
demonstrated on Size 12 hook. It uses a 1/8” or 3/32” copper bead, .015 lead wire, medium copper wire, brown goose biots, peacock herl, brown hen back feathers, and very thin white/ice flashabou. Flies to be tied for succeeding weeks will be determined by consensus at the end of each session.

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